Traffic Lights!

A visual representation of traffic lights could essentially help children to reflect on their own progress whilst aiding reflection. It is a quick way to formatively assess. This, especially in combination with power pens can show you how confident or challenged a child may feel. From experience in University and in reflection of how it […]

Power to the Pens!

 Where I am at:  Second day of Phase 1B Placement. Reviewed assessment strategies with mentor. Aimed to promote good progress and outcomes of pupils by looking at assessment levels, aiming for L5. Reflected on how we are going to promote progression. Lead a focus group for mathematics.   Power Pens for self assessment and good […]

Linnean – Taxonomy and Classification

Linnean Classification Defined: Linnean classification is a system or key used to organise living things. For example, in Biology, plants and animals have traditionally been classified from the structure of their bodies. The hierarchy of categories may have included: kingdom phylum class order family genus Within primary lessons, inspiration may be taken from Linnean’s traditional […]

Maintaining Curiosity for Science: Reading Reflection.

  Reading Reference: ‘What does OFSTED say?’ Primary Science 133, May/June 2014, pgs. 16-18. Key points: In 2011 Ofsted triennial report identified issues that need to be addressed. This Included: Lack of specialist expertise, both in Subject Knowledge (SK) and physical processes. This often led to limiting the progress of pupils. Lack of Continual Professional […]