Science Challenges of Inclusion: Reading Reflection.

Reading Reference: Meeting the challenges of inclusion., March/April 2014, pgs. 9-11 Key points: Some higher achievers in Mathematics and English will sometimes struggle with Science. Some children who struggle with language seem to cope better with Science. Concerns that may arise in Science include: behavioural issues, differentiation, conflict with other subject areas and coordinating staff. […]

Computing ESKA -Preparation

How could you teach children in KS1/Ks2 Algorithms? Give a range of example of ‘unplugged’ activities at KS1. Algorithm Definition: An algorithm is a procedure or formula for problem-solving, based on conducting a sequence of specified actions. For example, a computer programme can be seen as an elaborate algorithm. In mathematics and computer science an […]

Virtual Reality – Rollercoaster Workshop!

What was this workshop for? During the summer holidays (2016), an opportunity arose to help out one of my tutors with an extraordinary Design and technology workshop! ┬áThis seemed like a brilliant opportunity to widen my knowledge and fulfil wider responsibilities outside of the classroom environment (TS8)! The workshop involved an engaging Design and Technology […]