Phoneme – The smallest unit of sound, e.g. c-a-t, sh-o-p.

Grapheme – Written or visual representation of a phoneme, which can be made up of one or more letters. E.g. /a/, /sh/.

G.P.C – Grapheme phoneme correspondance.

Diagraph – Two Letters represent one sound, e.g. ch-u-r-ch.

Consonant Diagraph – Two cononants representing one phoneme, e.g. sh, th, ch.

Vowel Diagraph – Two vowels representing one phoneme, e.g. ee.

Split Diagraph – Two letters were the vowel and phoneme are split e.g. m-a-k-e.

Adjacent Consonants – two or three consonants with discrete sounds, these are blended together, e.g. gr.

Segementing – To split up a word into the individual phonemes to spell it.

Blending – Blending the phonemes to pronounce the word.