Technology Enhanced Learning. (TS8.4)


TEL Session 1. #TELme

Padlet allows groups of people to upload an image, with their name or text.

TELme is an enhancement session, which allows us to learn new and creative ways for incorporating technology within the classroom! A powerful statement that was delivered at the beginning of the session included:

“Pedagogy is the driver,

Technology is the accelerator,

Passion is the petrol!”

For me, I have always wanted to be a tech enthusiast, nevertheless I didn’t ever really know where to start! With an incredible lecturer like Sarah Wright and this session being offered every Thursday, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to expand my knowledge and learn something new; something a little extra in addition to the daily seminar’s and lectures.



MSQRD APP – Offering a range of filters, I found this both engaging and funny!

Not knowing what to expect… the session hit off with a fun and exciting way of taking the register. The App’s used for this included MSQRD and Padlet. I was amazed by the range of filters and how a group of people could upload their photo onto Padlet. This appeared to be an exciting ‘ice breaker’ and is something I would consider using during the introduction within a new class. I believe it could help create a positive relationship with children from the start, especially if they have never seen anything like it before!

Something that stuck in my mind from today’s session included the 5D’s:

  1. Dip
  2. Deepen
  3. Do
  4. Discern
  5. Distribute                      

All of these allow the concept of ‘app smashing’, not replace teaching, but instead incorporates a digital world that can essentially enhance teaching as well as the children’s learning. It allows you to think of new way’s in using apps and how to distribute the use they have, essentially looking at things in an alternative and creative way. One idea I would really like to try is the use of QR codes as a form of feedback or to present specific Learning Objectives. The idea of a QR code being used on displays for an interactive opportunity intrigued me. For example the code could lead to a character, this may be Henry the Eighth upon the topic of ‘History’, this character may interact with children. This could allow children to really take note of their surroundings as virtual interaction combined with a visual image of their work they’ve done in class may lead to excitement and curiosity.


QR Coder – Links to Professional Twitter. @smedgeEHU

We also looked at Ditty, this allowed a message to be displayed using bright colours, gifs and theme tunes. This created a very visual piece of digital text. Some messages written by other trainee’s included ‘Please remember your capital letters and full stops!’

I believe this is a brilliant resource for presenting particular objectives, again the QR code in book’s could link to a ditty video, displaying feedback for the child! I am excited to experiment with these app’s and hopefully use them in future practice.

For children who may want a purpose or meaning when talking about or creating evidence for their work, Animoto appeared to be an effective app! The child may take photographs and add text, whilst making it into a video. The child could also create a digital version of ‘2 stars and a wish’, allowing them to have something that’s there own and that they can relate back to, especially if it is shared on a class blog. Again, something I would love to experiment with in practice, whilst observing and evaluating the outcomes.

Overall TEL was more than what I imagined it to be and I am excited to see what will take place in future sessions!!

What I Knew Before The Session: Technology is able to inspire children in the classroom if used in a way that is encouraging and engaging.

What I learnt: App’s are used to ENHANCE learning, not used to replace current schemes and strategies. I also learnt that there is a whole range of technological resources/app’s that allow creativity to take place in the classroom. I learnt how to use app’s and developed my own SK in the computing area, such as setting up a blog.

What I now want to know: What other app’s are out there? How else can technology be used in the classroom and what does research say about the benefits of the digital world within the classroom? How would children react to these specific lessons?