Traffic Lights!

A visual representation of traffic lights could essentially help children to reflect on their own progress whilst aiding reflection. It is a quick way to formatively assess. This, especially in combination with power pens can show you how confident or challenged a child may feel.

From experience in University and in reflection of how it was used in todays year 6 class, children use traffic lights to translate how they believe they may be progressing.

Red can represent: ‘I do not think I have progressed as well as I thought’.

Amber can represent: ‘I feel like I have progressed in some areas, but not all’.

Green can represent: ‘I have progressed well, now I want a new challenge!’

It is another way to promote communication between the teacher and children, especially towards those children who may struggle to verbalise how they think they have progressed.

The way it has been put into place within the current year six class is by having three columns next to each success criteria. The child can use a red, amber or green pen to fill in how they think they have progressed. They can then go back to this and use the spare columns if they gain more confidence and would like to change colour. The use of this formative assessment is able to show a sense of  progression.


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