Power to the Pens!

 Where I am at: 

  • Second day of Phase 1B Placement.
  • Reviewed assessment strategies with mentor.
  • Aimed to promote good progress and outcomes of pupils by looking at assessment levels, aiming for L5.
  • Reflected on how we are going to promote progression.
  • Lead a focus group for mathematics.


Power Pens for self assessment and good progress of pupils:

  1. Power pens allowed children to write a reflective sentence at the end of their session.
  2. This strategy allowed children to leave feedback of their own progression. Whether this was feeling confident or not, not feeling challenged enough, or finding the work too challenging.
  3. This allowed children to be independent and think in a mastery style.
  4. The independent feedback left from the child helped with assessment. It allowed the practitioners to assess how the child felt with the work and whether any misconceptions or errors took place.
  5. This helped with planning next steps, as it allowed us to see where the children felt they were at and if it matched with the evidence of their work.
  6. This promoted sufficient marking of their books.
  7. The evidence from the work, traffic lights and the power pens, allowed a clear overview to be given.
  8. We were able to see clearly what stage the child was at in their learning.
  9. We were able to then plan from this and reset the ability groups for the next lesson.
  10. This allowed differentiation to take place.

Next Steps for own practice Based on todays assessment, encourage children to progress from their current stage of learning. Lead a focus group during mathematics tomorrow. Set a clear learning objective and success criteria, then review whether the children have exceeded, succeeded, or have not met the objective. Use the same strategies of assessment for continuous progression.


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