Science Challenges of Inclusion: Reading Reflection.

Reading Reference:
Meeting the challenges of inclusion., March/April 2014, pgs. 9-11
Key points:
  • Some higher achievers in Mathematics and English will sometimes struggle with Science.
  • Some children who struggle with language seem to cope better with Science.
  • Concerns that may arise in Science include: behavioural issues, differentiation, conflict with other subject areas and coordinating staff.
  • Solutions for concerns may include:
  • Cross curriculum links to engage and excite.
  • Differentiation which leads to learning being accessible for all learners,.
  • Differentiating plans by science ability and not by language or mathematical ability.
  • Plan practical activities that do not rely on reading and writing.
  • Share planning with various members of staff.
  • Gain advice and insight from any experienced Teaching Assistant’s within the setting.
Next Steps:

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