Traffic Lights!

A visual representation of traffic lights could essentially help children to reflect on their own progress whilst aiding reflection. It is a quick way to formatively assess. This, especially in combination with power pens can show you how confident or challenged a child may feel. From experience in University and in reflection of how it […]

Power to the Pens!

¬†Where I am at:¬† Second day of Phase 1B Placement. Reviewed assessment strategies with mentor. Aimed to promote good progress and outcomes of pupils by looking at assessment levels, aiming for L5. Reflected on how we are going to promote progression. Lead a focus group for mathematics.   Power Pens for self assessment and good […]

Safeguarding Training.

With a change in government documents, it was important as a trainee to undergo updated safeguarding training. This involved revising important legislations, statistics and facts. Various tests were taken throughout in order to test knowledge, understanding and awareness. At the end we were given a certificate as proof of this training. I found this extremely […]

Fractions SK.

Throughout my own subject knowledge, fractions is a concept in which I enjoy resolving problems to. As a child I remember thriving of the solutions to equivalent fractions. This was through the method I was taught and the familiarization of specific multiples. This continued throughout high school from the reoccurring practice that took place within […]

Science Challenges of Inclusion: Reading Reflection.

Reading Reference: Meeting the challenges of inclusion., March/April 2014, pgs. 9-11 Key points: Some higher achievers in Mathematics and English will sometimes struggle with Science. Some children who struggle with language seem to cope better with Science. Concerns that may arise in Science include: behavioural issues, differentiation, conflict with other subject areas and coordinating staff. […]

Linnean – Taxonomy and Classification

Linnean Classification Defined: Linnean classification is a system or key used to organise living things. For example, in Biology, plants and animals have traditionally been classified from the structure of their bodies. The hierarchy of categories may have included: kingdom phylum class order family genus Within primary lessons, inspiration may be taken from Linnean’s traditional […]

Planning for Science: Reading Reflection.

Reading Reference: Primary Science, Teaching Theory & Practice. , 2014, Chapter 7:Planning pgs. 70-86. Key points: Within this book, Chapter 7 explains in depth qualities and strategies that are used in effective planning. The Key points include: Planning effective learning takes place at three different levels: long-term plans (which are often made by the subject […]