Welcome fellow education enthusiasts! My name is Samantha Edge: a trainee teacher currently studying on the beautiful campus of Edge Hill University – living in the charming and cultural city of Liverpool. If you don’t find me drinking tea, befriending our universities ducks, or generally pondering through life, you will find me in a very exciting seminar, lecture or classroom on a TREMENDOUS adventure towards becoming an NQT!!

On this adventure… this quest… I have decided to create this little blog; this little digital window of thoughts. This is so that I can document my work, ideologies and embrace the concepts of others! This is also a space where all us education enthusiasts can hopefully discuss, collaborate and share, because let’s face it, multiple brains are better than one!

As a trainee teacher inspiration and learning is something I look out for daily. I truly believe a small glimpse of inspiration can be found in the majority of things that are around us, I like to take each day constructively for this reason! I really, really, REALLY like the idea of being a role model for others, it is a factor that gives me gratitude. I feel as though helping, advising and guiding is an important and rewarding role to have!

For me, there is no better way to share this love of learning and this aspiration to making the world a little nicer, than becoming involved in education and (hopefully, eventually) child psychology. After all, what teacher CnZ1xIUXEAALGb0doesn’t love helping others as well as thriving of an array of different topics and subjects! Some may say all of this is a challenge… but a teacher’s priority is to conquer these challenges in order for rewards to follow!

So, who am I as a person? Well, I’d say I’m a realist mixed with a little bit of optimism every now and again.  I am an analyser and reflector who contemplates often. I guess you could say that I am your typical INFP.  I personally think some of these qualities are an important part of the recipe in becoming an outstanding teacher. Reflection and contemplation may lead to constant improvement, progress, this is what it’s all about! I’m also an artsy type who likes a sprinkle of glitter or fairy dust here and there. Some may see me as a musical type, this is a huge aspect in my life that I find therapeautic, relaxing, almost a form of escapism? I like to jam (try) on my guitar and pretend that I’m a Rock-star every once in a while. (Call me Jimi Hendrix, I am the fifth member of The Beatles you’ve all been searching for…)

I believe teaching is a whole process of natural characteristics and traits, but it is also a learning process of the kind of person you can become. A teacher is about having a genuine passion, being understanding, flexible, open-minded and empowering towards those around them!!

I am specialising in Science and Special Educational Needs, because let’s face it, Science can teach you so many things and can link into a range of subjects! I believe that Science is one of those subjects that can build beneficial skills in many aspects.

SEN/D is something I become completed engulfed by, as a trainee teacher this is a topic I find crucial to be engaed with!! This is because the idea of being an inclusive, diverse teacher whilst also offering equality is something I believe to be essential when working with children, I also think it can develop ethical enquiry and a child’s own philosophy. Yes this is what I want, I want children to realise their potential, be offered equal opportunities and to have good esteem regardless of their abilities! SEN/D is a subject that I always seem to learn the most from; something I’m completely 100% grateful for! It also reminds us of how unique everyone actually is, I personally feel as though this adds so much character to the World – definitley a positive thing!

Please’ please feel free to magpie any sources or ideas you like (because a magpie seems happier with a shiny piece of Gold!) Also feel free to follow or contact me on my professional Twitter

For more information on what inspired me to start my adventure feel free to read my Digital Story.

The structure of this site will include Subject Knowledge PSKR’S on the sidebar. Teaching Standards and reading reflections or any other relevant ideas will generally be posted through a tag. Feel free to explore and enjoy! 🙂

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Miss Edge, on a mission towards QTS. Marching with one duck at a time!